Behind every successful venture, there is someone who made a bold decision.

Peter Druker
Always have the courage to challenge the obvious said "Sergio Marchionne". Each of us can do it and it's the only way to leave small or large marks in professional and personal life.


Some moments of my life

My birth year is 1973, October 28th.
I am the father of three fantastic girls Sofia, Giulia and Ginevra.
I live in Rome, even though I often travel for work: New York and London are my two favorite cities. I graduated in law from the Luiss Guido Carlo University in Rome, and I started my professional career in business consultancy and then as Corporate Director of a public company “Capitale Lavoro Spa”.

I am not a product manager but a process manager.
This has allowed me to lead companies with different core businesses and, at the same time, to develop experiences that have trained me to manage complexity.

Over the years I have been General Manager of the 2009 ” World Swimming Championships” (Sport – 2006/2010), Managing Director of “Risorse per Roma” (Engineering and Urban Development – 2010/2012), Managing Director of “Atac” (Local Transport – 2012/2013).

From 2015 to 2018 I was President of “Eur Spa” (Real Estate) and President of “Roma Convention Group” (Congress Management).
Just as President of Eur spa I helped bring the “Formula E Grand Prix” to Rome, an international sporting event that projects us into the future.

During my career I had the honor of representing the “World Food Program”, the main humanitarian organization and agency of the United Nations, as Vice President for Italy in 2018 and 2019 and i have been part of the board of directors of “Granarolo SpA”.

I am currently General Manager of the “Enpaia Foundation” (Welfare) and I am part of the board of directors of “Banca Ifis”, “Pirelli”, “Saipem” and “Masi Agricola SpA”, all listed on the Milan stock exchange.

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